July 10, 2015

About tarot cards

ViscontiTarot, a deck of 78 cards, is an ancient language of symbols and archetypes that we use to help you to discover more about yourself. The way it works is through our shared experience of the archetypal imagery, which includes the elements (earth-pentacles, air-swords, fire-wands, and water-cups), number symbolism, the energy and vibration of various colors, as well as images of animals, plants, and many other qualities that emerge.

Sacred PlacesI create a spread for you, in which the placement of the cards matters, the relationship of one card to the next matters, and how the card resonates and ‘reads’ to us both matters. And so a story unfolds.

There are few experiences that are so richly rewarding and affecting as having a tarot reading during your life’s journey–wherever you happen to be when we meet.

I have over sixty decks of tarot cards and when we meet in person you are welcome to browse through them and choose whichever one you are drawn to.

Here are some cards from the very first deck I made, when I was thirteen years old: