July 10, 2015

About astrology

Astrology works on the premise that we constantly interact with our environment on many levels, from the sub-atomic to the metaphysical, in a way that meshes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ourselves. These vary in depth and intensity according to our character and training. We’re more than our five senses—we are also sensitive broadcasting and receiving stations, and the vibration of the planets at the time of our birth or during transits influences our well-being, our feeling of being in harmony with ourselves.

In astrology we look at the placement of the planets in the sky at the time you were born. We’re most familiar with our ‘sun sign’ – which constellation the sun was in at the moment of your birth — which describes your personality. Your rising sign is the sign that was on the horizon when you were born, and describes your life’s path. Where the moon is and the other planets also reveals various aspects of who you are and how you might respond to situations you’re faced with as you journey through life.

astrologyWe also look at the twelve houses of your chart and where the planets are placed within those houses. Then, since this is not about telling you what you’re like, but finding out ways to help you feel harmonious and “on the right track,” we look at what is happening in your chart now. Solar returns are the most well-known – birthdays and anniversaries are all reflective of the movement of the sun in your birth chart. But all the planets have their own cycles and will influence you accordingly. Venus influences relationships; the moon your emotions; Mercury influences communications; and so on.

Your horoscope does not reveal your fate. It is a set of probabilities and possibilities, often operating on many levels simultaneously. As human beings we are 100% free to make our own decisions and create the course of our destiny. By creating your astrological chart, I empower you to examine your strengths, challenges, heart’s longings, and what stars and planets are influencing your life currently to help you steer your course the best way possible.