July 8, 2015

How does it work?

hearing your heartIntuitive counseling works through intuition. We are all intuitive: Intuition is when you receive ‘knowing’ – an impression or a ‘feeling’ that is not linear, logical thinking. The word intuition comes from the Latin intuir, which means ‘knowledge from within.’

William James, the father of modern psychology, proposed the idea that all our cognition – our way of knowing – takes place in two different modes: intuitively and rationally. Since his time, there’s been a lot of research linking neuro-biology to intuition. Cognitive scientists see intuition as a set of non-conscious cognitive and affective processes, which work in an associative manner, and feels effortless and fast, rather than the more pedantic logical way of thinking.

My experience has been that processing information intuitively is as real and effective as rational thinking, although it happens in a different way.

There’s also a deep relationship between our hearts and our intuition. There’s an electromagnetic field that radiates out from our hearts for about five feet beyond our physical skin, and sometimes I’ll pick up thoughts or images from that field. Essentially each one of us is made up of energy, of vibration, which is why sound therapy and color therapies are so healing: we can use vibration to harmonize and balance our subtle energies.

I also feel deeply connected to our four wonderful elements (earth, water, air, and fire), all the plants, animals, elemental beings, angels, and archangels, ancestors, guides, and friends… I am deeply grateful for the loving, guiding presence of all of them in my life, and I’m glad to share their wisdom, love, and light with you.

Flowers 0313

The profound connection that occurs between us can be described as emanating from the divine or spiritual world, Source, your inner psyche, your higher self, inner self, guides, guardian angels, or in many other ways. You will find your own way to describe what happens between us.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…