July 10, 2015

About palmistry

palmistry2Your hands are a detailed portrait and map of your life, your subconscious, and your conscious self.

Look at someone’s hand. It is amazing! Look at the shape, the fingers, the softness or hardness, the texture, the gestures, the lines on the palm, the mounds, the beauty. Look at a person’s thumb!

Your hands describe the essence of who you are, your personality, the way you approach and respond to various situations, the challenges you face, repeating patterns that emerge, and your life’s purpose.

The lines on your hands change, sometimes dramatically, as you make changes or have experiences that that affect your life’s path. You can create your own destiny, decide to strengthen something that’s been a challenge for you, make a difference in an area that you care about. Each time you have a hand reading, you gain new insight into where you are now and encouragement into ways to move into where and how you want to become.

Your fingerprints, on the other hand, never change. They are fully finished when you are still in the womb and remain exactly the same throughout your life. Even if you have severe burns or a cut that leaves a scar, you’ll find that the fingerprints re-emerge into the exact same formation that was there before. In your fingerprints we look for your life’s purpose and your life’s “lessons”–ways in which you may be challenged and need to work through in order to feel fulfilled and purposeful in your life.

Having your hands read can be of great use as a tool of insight and focus. The reading shows you where you’ve come from, where you are now, and where you’re headed. If you have specific questions regarding a choice that needs to be made in your career or about a relationship, hand reading is a way to discover your options and receive guidance, encouragement, and tap into the wisdom that is revealed in your beautiful and extraordinary hands.