July 10, 2015

About clairvoyant readings

climbing down into your magic boatWhen I offer clairvoyant readings I am working intuitively without a framework or a structure (like astrology, tarot, or palmistry). We use the word clairvoyant because we are most familiar with it. Literally, it means ‘clear seeing,’ which can work like a photograph or a movie that runs through you. An example might be an image of a staircase, which often symbolizes where you are in your professional career. But, just as in a dream, you quickly realize it’s not just any old staircase, it might be a grand marble stairway leading to a front door, or an old wooden step ladder. You might be on it, or under it, or at the top … all these things we talk about, and how the feeling surrounding the image makes you feel.

There are many ways of reading intuitively for someone: clairaudient intuitives hear (intuitively) words, phrases, voices, or sounds. Clairsentients have a gut feeling or a certain ‘knowing.’ There are clairgustants who intuit through their sense of taste, and clairscentants who can ‘smell’ etheric realms, and clairtangents who intuit using their sense of touch. These are all authentic ways of picking up on subtle energies that emanate from you.

In my clairvoyant readings, I use mostly a combination of sound and image, as well as a strong heart connection that occurs between us. I find the most beneficial way to divine what you need to know or to clarify a situation comes through conversation, questioning, and deep listening.